See how I really feel about the holidays, and Free Student Portfolios by Virb

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It is a chilly night and even though we’re in California it does get cold in the East Bay. A reminder that the Holidays are upon us and that for the next several weeks… the kids will be home FULL TIME, significant others – also home, much more often than usual. I do love having them home, but it is not secret that there is more work for me.

Even the basic grocery shopping will be a nightmare for at least another month, people are now in full “beast” mode. From now until Christmas eve it is a mad dash to see if it is humanly possible to get everything done before Santa makes his way down the chimney – and if you do – is it possible to survive until after the new year?

I don’t know, so after getting the tot into bed I start with a little late night social media browsing/research/guilty pleasure tomfoolery – still thinking of the chaos about to ensue…

then I see this.

Virb wants students to succeed—so much that we’re giving Virb away for free to anyone with a .edu email address. Build your own beautiful portfolio and go get the job of your dreams.

Source: Free Student Portfolios

That is pretty darn awesome offer from Virb. If you don’t know about this company; they are a group of professionals who love to build websites. They help simplify the process for others, so they can focus their efforts on their own business. Here is the list of features.

I can’t take advantage of the offer myself because I am not a student, but I am a mother. I know other mothers. Do you know what we all have? Students, or children that will be students. Thanks for looking out during their slow roll into the future.

I like to pass along a good deal/deed when I see it.

Tell your kids.





Free Co-Working Thursday at Startup Basecamp!


I personally enjoy sticking to the home office, but if you like to change up your environment for better productivity and creativity, then this may appeal to you.

Startup Basecamp does something called Free Co-Working Thursday. If you are a startup, you will be happy to know this event is free!  You don’t have to be a startup to go though… nope, they are putting the call out to ALL entrepreneurs, hackers, digital nomads, and startup founders!

There will be coffee, WiFi, and other people to network and collaborate with. If that sounds like something you would be interested in doing – here is the link to the Evenbrite page – STARTUP BASECAMP: FREE CO-WORKING THURSDAY Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite – Thu, December 14, 2017 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM PST


Little Shopping Miracles at .99 Cent Only Stores!

I was so excited I was having asthma related issues when I shot this video. I felt I would be keeping a dirty secret if I didn’t post this video to show you what can be purchased for under $40 (for all of it)

Yes, that IS Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid, and My Little Pony, and they had so many other things too! Coloring books that you pay $8-15 for at other stores. I’m talking about the good ones with thick pages (print on one side only) that you can water color. I didn’t even go there for licensed toys or any of the other crap I bought yesterday… I went for the awesome, cheap, Christmas Decorations.

I didn’t even know you could get those kind of toys there! I call that a holiday miracle that had to be shared. I don’t recommend waiting… seriously, go first thing in the morning. Call in to work if you have to… You’ll probably save more money by doing some of your shopping there instead of the other stores. You know. The cashier even confirmed that it would not last long. Hurry. I love you. Save lots xo

Breaking News! Hansel and Gretel are safe!


Early this morning news broke that the brother and sister known as Hansel and Gretel have, in fact, escaped from the little gingerbread house where they were being held hostage by an “evil witch” according to eye-witness reports.

It is not known how the children  managed to over-power the “witch” but they claim she was distracted by a show called Pepper Pig, er, ahhh, Peppa Pig, excuse me. They said she was fixated and muttering something about Mummy pig and how evil maniacal her laughter could be.

The children are now back at the doll house on the hill and promise their parents that they will never talk to strangers in cookie houses again.

What a relief!

In other news, the Polar Express was spotted again last night… this time… Richmond California! More to come…

this article has been written all in good fun and is to promote the spirit of the holidays and is in no way a representation of my sanity. It is, however, one more way that I can tell my daughter, Madeline Louise Bradford how much she is loved, and how much joy she adds to our lives every single day. Thank you for being our daughter. Merry Christmas xo

A new blog, medical cannabis, and a huge penis.

How to live with a huge penis

If anyone can help… I am looking for the owner of this book.

No, really… I bet this book is actually for women who live with a total dick!

No, no… honestly…

File this one under jokes, please ;)

just in case you thought I was really looking! I am not!

That is all! a-hem…

The weekend is here. Lighten up! Avoid the shopping centers. Stay in and make cookies with the kids. Watch Polar Express. Snuggle.

This week I finally added a much needed blog to You will now be able to see the updates and new additions as they happen.  If you have never been there, you should check it out. It is a website that includes a ton of information about the public domain and creative commons. It also has many pages of links to resources like movies, artwork, music, graphics, and photos all of which are in the public domain (copyright free) or other open license.


Just a reminder to my California family and friends. If you are a Medical Marijuana or Medical Cannabis patient using cannabis as an alternative to the poison provided by the drug companies…. your salvation is here. Head on over to – click the link there to save $20.00 off your first Medical Marijuana / Medical Cannabis delivery. If you don’t have your recommendation, or need to re-up – you can do it there at NuggMD, right online… quickly and rather affordably. Alternatively, you can click that neat image above this paragraph to do the same thing! When you are ready to order, I personally recommend Community Gardens if you are in the Richmond Area.

I think that is all for now. I have some things brewing on the back burner. The holidays are approaching fast and I want to focus on giving Madeline the best Christmas yet! Happy Holidays everyone.